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Help! Score report percentiles updated from 2014-I reported the old ones!


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Hi all,

So, I am reapplying for doctoral programs, and while pulling a score report to upload to an application, I noticed the percentile values for my scores have changed slightly since 2014 (one to two percentage points - one to my advantage, one not). I was unaware ETS recalculates your percentile scores every year, and entered my unofficial scores on all my applications thus far as the ones I received when I first applied. 

Is this an issue? Do I need to contact the departments at the universities to which I've submitted the "old" scores?? I don't want it to seem like I'm falsifying my scores, though it wouldn't make sense for me to enter a percentile LOWER than my actual score if I were actually trying to do so. 

Thanks in advance! I'm freaking out a little here. :-)

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I don't think this is a big deal but in the interest of calming down the freak outs, I'd suggest you simply email admissions and ask to correct the scores. Your explanation sounds perfectly reasonable and the difference is minimal, so there is no reason why it should be a problem. 

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