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MA in Eng Lit Writing Sample


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Hi everyone!

I am applying to a MA in English Literature. The writing sample should be 4000 words. The essay I am thinking of submitting is approximately 3600 words. I know I only need to add a couple of paragraphs, but I don't feel like I have anything substantial to add. The Uni doesn't specify whether the 4000 words are a limit or a minimum requirement. What to do? Will it really make a difference?

Thank you in advance! :unsure:

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Since you're so close, it probably doesn't matter that much. That being said, what I would do is give your writing sample to a trusted reader. Have him or her write down as many questions as possible (about the topic, about background information, about your arguments, about the examples or quotes us use, about your thesis, etc.). Pick the best, most insightful/helpful question and try to address it. Chances are that doing so will probably improve your paper and will easily bring you up to around 4000 words.

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