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Low Linear Algebra Grade - Retake?

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I'm a Biology Major with a Statistics minor hoping to apply to biostatistics MS programs in the near future. I have solid CS and Biology grades (mostly A- and B+s). However, I received a B- in Linear Algebra since I mistakenly took the theoretical version. Should I retake an applied version of Linear Algebra at another school to receive a higher grade? I'm definitely more interested in applied biostatistics as programming and data science are where my strengths and interests lie (vs. theoretical statistics). 

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Nah. I got a B- in linear algebra and will be heading to a Stats PhD top 20 program in the fall. If you're interested, take Differential Equations, which is basically applied linear algebra anyways. More important than your grades is your research potential. Do research, and have a letter writer who can speak to your potential. Make good connections with professors, and be able to argue why you'd be a good fit at a potential program (back it up with letters and research experience!)


Don't stress the grades. That one B- is no huge problem. This coming from a fellow linear B- earner :)

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