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How much do schools take into consideration your material from previous applications?


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I applied to a couple programs that rejected me last year, and this year I've received interview invitations for those schools. I don't know if/how much they consider previous applications - they obviously have a lot to do during admissions time - but if they do I think they would look favorably upon improvement and the commitment that takes. Of course it's hard to say for sure, but it's definitely not something that rules you out!

EDIT: I am in a very different (STEM) field so YMMV (came here from recent activity) but I HOPE that what I said is somewhat generally applicable!

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I don't know for certain, but I'm of the mind that re-applying with newer, stronger works shows that you are dedicated to your practice and to being a part of the community at the schools for which you have previously applied. 

This is my second time applying as well, though there was a 7 year gap between then and now. My approach includes noting all of the professional development, (residencies, grants, etc) that I have received in that time. I'll know in a couple of months how well it works. 

Good Luck!

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