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:oops: Waitlisted @ Stanford... Until when?


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Hi everyone,

Here's my story...

Berkeley was my first choice: I didnt get in. Stanford is my second, and I am waitlisted. UCSD was my third, and I have been accepted.

I really want to get into Stanford. I emailed the chair of the department of Comparative Literature and here's their answer:

" The Comparative Literature competition is so tough that we have moved you to the Spanish department waitlist where your chances

are somewhat better but by no means guaranteed. At this point in

time all we can do is wait to see who accepts our offer."

This said, I do not know what to do. I have to accept or decline UCSD offering before April 14th, but I obviously want to go to Stanford... do you have any idea on what to do? And do you have any idea on until when we need to wait? And, since their waitlist is not numbered, how do they make decissions on who to admit? I am really really lost...



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I'm in a similar situation. I've been waitlisted at my top choice, yet I have a strong offer elsewhere. From what I understand, they are probably not going to get around to the waitlist until after the 15th. One of my professors suggests that I wait until the last minute to accept the other offer, then if I get into my top choice, I may decline the previous acceptance. Personally, I really don't like that way that sounds...

One hypothetical: Some big name school puts you on a waitlist however you have another school that has given you a good offer. The "ethical" thing to do (if you really want to go to the big name school) is to decline the other offer and wait around to get called. Unfortunately, this makes no sense because there is a decent chance that you won't go to school at all. Therefore, the ONLY choice is to accept the other school's offer and then decline it if the big name school comes through. Unfortunately, this may burn a bridge, but keep this in mind: the big name school is forcing you into this position. It's the name of the game.

Thus, we have several options:

1) Accept UCSD and forget about Stanford.

2) Accept UCSD and if Stanford calls, revoke your acceptance to UCSD.

3) Decline UCSD and possibly get into Stanford (although you could loose out on an entire year).

4) Take the year off, get some more experience and reapply next year.

5) Forget school for now and start a new life as a dairy farmer.

The choice is yours. Personally, I'd at least wait until the 14th. Honestly, I hate the whole waitlist process and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. However, the process is almost over and you'll probably get a decision in the next couple weeks. Until then, contemplate option 5 and hopefully you'll realize that its not about the school, but its about your educational and professional development. Best of luck, hang in there!

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Wait list etiquette: http://www.uni.edu/~gotera/gradapp/results.htm

I'm on the waitlist for two schools, both of which I'd like to attend. I talked to them both today. One told me that I have a great chance of getting in, but little chance of receiving funding. The other, which I'd love to attend, told me that I could be admitted right now but without funding; however, the director said I have a good chance (slightly less than 50/50) of getting a TAship. He told me I should accept another offer I have (without funding) and if he can offer me funding, I can decline the first offer.

To sum things up, being on the wait list blows.

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