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I just found out last week that I was accepted to UMinn. I am thinking of moving to Como and wondering if anyone who has lived there can give me an idea of what it would be like. I have a (will be) 3 year old and am in the process of separating from my spouse. Is this a safe place to live just a mother and child? Any tips? Are there better places to consider? I will be living on a budget which is one reason it is looking so good to me. That and the 5 playgrounds. 

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Hi there, both this and your other question on this board are so specific that it's hard to imagine you'll find too many people who could help you. I would recommend that you ask your prospective department to put you in touch with some current students who may be able to better answer your questions, and in particular young families and parents, if those exist. You might also reach out to the university's student association to ask the same questions. Those might be much better resources for getting detailed answers to your questions than hoping that someone with the relevant knowledge just happens to read your post here. 

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I'm an MN native, did my undergrad at UMN, and lived in the neighborhood a couple of years thereafter.  Como sounds like a fine neighborhood for you.  You might also look at the Marcy Holmes neighborhood on the other side of I-94 from campus, I lived there, and it has many single family homes, parks, playgrounds and even an open enrollment elementary school.  Como and Marcy are both fairly affordable.  

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