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So I uploaded an excerpt of my master's thesis as my writing sample for a PhD program I'm pursuing, but I realized (after the upload) that in creating an appropriate sample, I didn't attach the original works cited to the new file. So basically what I uploaded was a long paper full of dozens of in-text citations, but no works cited at the end with which to cross-reference them.

So now I'm wondering what to do. On one hand, I realize a works cited is important, but I also think it's clear from my paper that I'm familiar with the process and importance of citation. I also think the paper serves as a good example of the level of my ability to write and do sophisticated analysis. On the other hand, I don't want to look as careless as I feel, and I don't want this (in the long run, minor) oversight to be what could be the pivotal issue in a possible close decision between myself and another candidate.

I could write to the leader of the grad committee, but I've done that a few times already (with some questions unrelated to this issue). While he's been pleasant and helpful, I really worry about bothering him again. Obviously, it's too late to go back and edit or re-upload the sample itself. It's not even clear to me, if I were to mail it (my deadline has not passed yet), whether it would even be apparent that it was meant to be attached to the larger sample, since that's all online. I also worry that by mentioning it to anyone in the program I run the risk of turning this into a full-blown scandal, if in the end it may not make a massive difference.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this for me? Thanks.

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I suggest contacting the admissions assistant for the department or division of the school that received your application materials. You could ask if you may email your works cited so that he or she could place it with your writing sample.

+1. And do it quick.

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