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MA in Linguistics at Seoul National University


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Hello there. I'm a native speaker of Arabic. I'm planning to do my master's degree in SNU. I had a look at their website but I can't find the admission requirements for the linguistics master program. 

Can somebody help me? My overall IELTS score is 7.0 (Not high enough I guess?) and my GPA is 2.89 out of 4. Do I have a chance? 

My GPA is definitely not up to their standards. I graduated from the best university in my country. I got the 4th highest GPA in my class (the highest one is 3.0). Our lecturers were really stingy with grades TT_TT 


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Do you speak Korean? I was very close to applying to two English-language programs at Sungkyunkwan until I saw a tiny footnote that they required applicants to have a modest Korean proficiency. SNU also appears to require TOPIK 3, but it's a little ambiguous. IELTS 7 is fine, SNU only require 5.5; maybe the Linguistics department requires a higher score, but it's doubtful that would be over 7-7.5. I'm not sure about GPA.

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Hi, I'm a master's student in SNU linguistics.

The ling department homepage doesn't contain much information about admissions.

It's better to check the university homepage: (tho I guess you've probably figured it out by now) http://en.snu.ac.kr/apply/graduate/timeline

Message me if you need any more info!

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