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Internship Conundrum


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Hi all, I’m hoping someone with the intention of working in the museum field after graduation can offer insight!

I’m a first year MA candidate who has been offered spring curatorial internships at two museums. Both internships are unpaid, but close enough to school that I won’t be traveling out of my way. One museum would give me the title of Research Assistant as I'd essentially be filling in for an Assistant Curator as they work to fill an open position. The curators here have spoken to me about doing my own studio visits, heavy research for a spring 2018 exhibition, and creating wall text details for a summer show. The other would be a "true" curatorial internship, some research in the archives, but otherwise photocopying and filing as needed. Is it worth taking on either internship in addition to course work?

I intend to apply to summer internships, but am also worried that I need this spring experience to be considered a viable candidate at a larger institution for summer. I only held one curatorial internship during undergrad, but was more involved than is typical – writing wall text, offering opinions when hanging. 

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