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do I hav a shot for international business

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hey there.

I've applied for HTW Berlin,Germany this Dec via uni- assist for international business, I've send them my documents and they've informed me that they received it in 15th Dec. now after 5 weeks they mailed me and said that I'm not qualified for studying in university and the deadline is already expired! the deadline was 15Jan, I don't see how is that possible, they've had my documents weeks ago, as far as I've read in DAAD they need a proof of one year study in university, which I've send them "certificate of education" issued by university, now they say they need the grades, and I've got a little problem with university and I won't be able to get an authorized version of my grades, and also my major in iran is Physics engineering and I'm applying to do bachelor again.

1-is there any chance that uni-assist is being wrong? anyone with the same experience?

2-is there any chance that university come along with me and agree on taking the authorized grades when I go for registration?

3- do i have a shot for this major?

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