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When should you contact the dept?Ho


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How long would you wait until you contacted the department and ask them about the status of your application?

I would contact them a few days after the deadline to confirm that they received everything (unless you can see this online, then there's no need).

I would wait at least 3 weeks after the deadline before calling to check on the status. If they told you they would be in touch, I definitely wouldn't call until much later.

Just my 2 cents, YMMV.

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Most of the programs I applied to say in a FAQ somewhere that you'll be notified by March 1st or April 1st (depending on the school) -- and almost all of these programs had application deadlines of December 15th. I wouldn't want to bother the admissions office until then at least. Obviously this is specific to my programs and my schools, so if you want to follow a similar rule I suggest you check the FAQ on the grad admissions page per program.

Of course, if they don't seem to mention any deadline anywhere, feel free to harass them at a date you come up with some other way.

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