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MBA question!



Hey everyone! 

I live in Canada and have recently decided that  I want to do an MBA at a good school in Ontario :) I'm new to this whole admissions process, though, so i'll ask a few questions here and see if you experienced people can help haha!:) 

1.) My GPA is about 3.85/4.0 scale and I did an honours degree in psych with some business electives. However, I was told that I could apply with any degree. Hows my GPA look for getting into a good business school?

2.) THE GMAT...Oh gosh. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and Tourettes (and some anxiety) so I always received extra time on all tests during my UG (and was approved for 50% extra time for the LSAT also). I'm wondering if it is possible to receive extra time given my history of being given it? Also, will I be able to improve my score a lot from my initial "diagnostic" test with a lot of studying? I scored not great and need a 600 minimum, so do people often find good improvement with a lot of studying? I improved a lot from studying for the LSAT, so hoping this is the same!:) 

3.) Finally... How important are grades in an MBA? Is it more important to just pass everything and do a good job (like in a PhD) as opposed to getting crazy high grades, if you want to land a great job that is. 


Thanks all :)

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