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SPSP conference Jan 28-30 in Las Vegas!


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Hey all,

I heard a couple people are going to the SPSP conference next week, so I'm hoping to meet up there with whoever wants to meet up (I'm going alone). On the fun side, obviously it's more fun to participate in LV debauchery when you have a companion, especially on 1/31 when the conf is over and I'm stuck there waiting for my 2/1 flight. On the practical side, I've had really rotten luck finding people to stay with for free on couchsurfing.org, so I'm open to whoever wants to split hotel/hostel/cardboard box rental costs for 4 nights, Jan 27 through 30. So holler back if your room costs $20 or less after splitting. Yes, I know, I'm a dirt cheap person in general, and the cost of registering for the conference itself has been really unforgiving on my budget.

Hoping to hear back from y'all (through PM if you must) because we're all cool people, right? Right?

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