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How long to wait & Checking Online


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Hey all-

This is geared more towards admitted students, but how long is the wait to hear back from schools?

Also, is there a way to check updates online through the application site? All mine says is "submitted", but will that change down the line?


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I think the first step is to look through the results page and identify from previous years when results can be expected. Also, you should be able to see the communication method (mail, e-mail, phone, etc). From my experience, schools generally e-mail you when a decision is made. However, this never stopped me from checking the website excessively.

Best of luck!

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I think almost all my schools will notify by email as soon as anything changes on my application page, so I'm trying to stop clicking the application status link. Probably bookmarking it was a bad idea.

The standard notification date for MPPs seems to be March 15, give or take. HKS and SAIS seem like they push past that date regularly (SAIS has said early April is possible). Others seem to get decisions out sooner (I think GPPI said late February?). Unfortunately, the dates seem less consistent than undergrad applications, from what I remember.

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Anyone else have a job where late March is the absolute last moment you can tell them if you are coming back next year? Makes a person rather nervous...

It's not exactly the same, but I've got to give at least three months notice so I can be replaced - and I live overseas so packing up, selling random things I've accumulated over time, and getting back to the U.S. will take some time as well. The biggest problem is that I need to wait to hear about financial aid as well, which I hear often comes a few weeks later than the admittance package. So if I only hear about acceptance and aid by late April, it will be cutting it tight to get to a program that starts at the end of August... and so much for a small vacation from work before school!!

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