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I want to design horse/rural/hobby farm properties.. how should I pursue that?

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Background: I'm currently in a Master of Resource Management (Planning) program at SFU in BC. My undergrad was in forestry, but I want to move into higher level resource management and/or community planning. However, I've always been interested in site planning hobby farm properties. Unfortunately, my degree doesn't offer much in the way of studios or site planning courses. I may take a site planning course at UBC next year. 


Ideally, I think I would like to work as a planner, and do some consulting on the side for luxury horse property projects and hobby farm design but I don't know what kind of credentials or expertise I might need. 

I'm wondering if I need to pursue architecture or landscape architecture? If I want to design structures on the property such as barns, then I assume I would have to become an architect. 

Does any one know how I can get from where I'm at (environmental planning) to where I want to be in terms of degrees/certificates/experiences?


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