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Immatriculation on arrival:I've lost my original transcript, can i just submit a copy of it



I have been admitted to a graduate program and I have to start on September. However they asked me to bring the originals of my diploma and and my college transcript. I have my diploma but I've lost my original grade transcript. All i have is a copy of it scanned onto my computer and my school won't issue me a new one. Can i just present that copy, or should i print it and just say it is the actual original. And how does the immatriculation work? do i just present the documents for verification, do they keep it or do they give it back to me?

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Contact your school now and explain the situation. They will let you know what is necessary. You should ask now because they might want a letter from your school to explain why you cannot get another copy of your transcript. If so, it will be much easier for you to get that now when you might be closer to your university and before you have to deal with all the other stresses of moving. 

Yes, most schools only want to see the documents for verification, and you will get to have your documents back. They will probably just photocopy it for your records. If you are not sure, just confirm that you can get the documents back before presenting them.

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