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Ohio University PhD program


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Hi everyone, 

I am new on this forum. I really need clarification on my application. Responses from those who have been in similar situation or heard of a friend who has been will be very helpful. 

I am a Nigerian. I applied for a PhD program in Physics at Ohio University. 

I got a message from Ohio University Graduate College yesterday. The massage reads:

"Your application for the PhD program in Physics for Fall Semester 2017-2018 is in waitlist status. This means that the department still has your application under review, but is not prepared to make an admission recommendation at this time.

If you wish to remain under consideration for admission,  please check your To Do list in your MyOHIO Student Center and submit any requested documents.

If you no longer wish to be considered for admission, you can withdraw your application through your MyOHIO Student Center."

The email also stated that if I have questions about the waitlist status or the timeframe for when a final admission decision might be made, I should please contact the academic department directly.

I did contact the department's admission committee chair. He told me they have reviewed my application but are yet to recommend me for admission.  He said they will inform me of their decision by the end of March or earlier.  

Please, what do I do at this moment? I have been restless, worried and confused after I found out I have been wait listed. 

Please, anyone who knows about Ohio University's graduate admission process or US Uni admission process should respond. I really neeed this admission. This is the only school I applied.

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It simply means they have admitted & rejected a bunch of people. They are still considering you but your profile is not strong enough.

If so many of these admitted do not accept their offers, the department might offer you admission. What you need to do now is:

polish your records, send them some personalized letter stating how much you love this school and making commitment to them.

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