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Holding a SSHRC Masters and Mitacs Accelerate at same time


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I have agreed to work on a project that is part of a Mitacs grant as a Mitacs Accelerate intern. These internships are supposed to come with a minimum of $10k stipend and involve 4 months of work for an industry partner. I have also applied for a SSHRC for this year. My final research project will be based on the work I will do for my Mitacs internship.

I was under the impression that I could hold both a Mitacs and SSHRC and receive both sources of funding. As far as I know, neither limits what other kinds of funding you can receive.

However I was just informed today by a fellow student that it is my programs unofficial (?) policy that if you have a Mitacs and win a SSHRC, you won't be able to get your Mitacs funding. 

Has anyone else run into this? Nothing I have signed or read so far has mentioned this so called policy. 

I do not know yet if I won a SSHRC, but I had a good shot so I want to prepare for the chance that I do.

Do you think I should fight for the Mitacs stipend? I feel as if I should, as I am doing work and generating a report FOR the company and I should be paid for me time.

Should I contact my grad studies office and ask them about any policies they now of? Should I ask my supervisor to show me a written policy that shows that I can't hold both sources of funding at the same time?


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