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Comparing departments: alignment of interests vs. attention?


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Department A has a lot of faculty doing exciting research in areas you're interested in, but those professors' CVs generally show little evidence of co-authorship with students and say nothing about advising or dissertation committees.

Department B has a smaller faculty in your subfield, their interests aren't perfectly aligned with your own, but they're putting out a lot of papers with grad students.

How do you weight these factors? Throughout the application process, "best fit" was supposed to be rule number one. But I acknowledge that my interests are malleable and that a perfect fit doesn't mean much if your advisors don't give you the time of day. 

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I will ask about advising at recruitment events. Co-authorship is nice, but if you have a really good advisor, s/he should be able to guide you on how to publish on your own.  I was told that on the job market solo articles count for more than something co-authored with an advisor. 

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