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Critical human geography programs


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Hi All,

I am hoping to ask for some advice on narrowing a list of schools to apply to. I intend to apply for MA programs in Geography, and I would love to focus on human geography and urban studies. 

I know the top programs for human geography are Syracuse, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky, Washington, UBC. I'm wondering what you think would qualify as solid "safety schools" given this list, with strengths in critical political geography and human geography?  Any suggestions on schools to target would be greatly appreciated!

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I would say that none of those schools could be considered 'safety schools'---they are all either extremely highly ranked, or in the case of schools like Minnesota and Washington, have accepted far fewer human geographers than usual due to either funding constraints or lack of available advisors. What type of critical political/human geography are you looking to do? That would help myself/us identify potential places to apply to!

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I think the best program about human geography in Berkeley. It often appears in various tops. The geography program at Berkeley offers an undergraduate major and minor, as well as a doctorate degree. The National Research Council ranked the geography of the doctoral program in the nation in 2010 (nap.edu). Coursework in the program features interdisciplinary study of the environment and economical and political analysis, as well as earth science, cartography and ecology. In this regard, you can mention a site [link deleted] where you can free to check your coursework or any other and get a response with comments and corrections. Also, very good feedback on the program at Dartmouth College in Hanover (New Hampshire) - a private Ivy League liberal arts school, was ranked as the eleventh in the nation by U.S. News and World Report in 2015 and offers a minor and major degree program in geography.

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