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Washington University in St. Louis


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Hey everyone!

I created this thread for those who have been accepted to graduate programs at Washington University in St. Louis starting fall of 2017. I just found out I have been accepted to the PhD program in political science, and given that WUSTL was my first choice, I'm almost positive I'll be attending WashU this fall. 

That said, I'm hoping to get in contact with some of the other individuals who have also been accepted to WashU (regardless of program), so please feel free to comment on this thread or pm me if you've been accepted and/or are planning to attend WashU beginning this fall (2017)!

To give a little more information about myself, my name is Santos and (as I already mentioned) I've been accepted to the Ph.D. program in political science. Specifically, I'll be studying American politics (law, courts, judicial politics, empirical legal studies, etc.) and quantitative methodology. I was born and raised in the southeastern United States and, to be completely honest, I've never even been to the state of Missouri. That said, I think St. Louis seems like a great area and I'm looking forward to the experience of getting to know a new region of the country. 

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I'm probably not going to stay at Washington University in St. Louis for my graduate program but I just graduated from WashU and I'm from St. Louis. So if there's anything incoming students need to know about the school (especially about the BME department and/or engineering school), the city and stuff like that feel free to leave a message.

WUSTL is a great school. Things to remember: 1) From now on you probably have to explain to everyone where WashU is - it's in St. Louis, not Seattle, not DC. 2) Kansas City is not in Kansas. It's amazing how a lot of people don't know that. 3) TBC...

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