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When to send updated CV?


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Ok so here's my scenario:

Waitlisted at UCLA, rejected from most others, waiting to hear from a few (for English PhD). I currently work on campus in the library, but I just got a second job as a "Writing Fellow." Basically, I tutor my fellow undergraduate students in writing. Should I send an updated CV? I feel like it sends the message that I'm still interested and have been working hard, but I'm worried it comes off as desperate because it's SO late in the season. Also, how would you go about notifying schools about the update?

Thank you for reading / weighing in!!!

EDIT: two of the schools I'm waiting on have already sent out some admissions, and one will hopefully be this Friday. The latter I had an interview with, and could possibly frame it as a follow-up? I don't even know. 

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I wouldn't send an updated CV. I know it sucks to be on the waitlist and that you want to do anything to separate yourself from the pack, but this isn't the way to do it. If they ask you for more materials or something, feel free to give them the updated CV. UCLA is a research institution and really only care about your research/what kind of scholar you'll become. In all likelihood, the fact that you are a writing tutor won't move the needle for them. You aren't on the waitlist because someone else was better suited to teach than you are.

If you feel like it's absolutely necessary, you can mention it in a followup email to the DGS/POI/Whoever contacted you to tell you that you're on the waitlist. The follow-up email should inquire as to your position on the waitlist, the implications regarding your funding should you be accepted off the waitlist, and if they need anything else from you to help make their decision easier. I would wait a while before sending that e-mail though--probably until March 20 or so. Although it may feel as if it's late in the season, the admission window has really just begun. Some schools haven't even sent out their first round of acceptances yet! Now that you're on the waitlist, you might not even hear anything until April 16th. Settle in for the long haul and wait. I know it's hard. Good luck!

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