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UCSD vs Columbia in EE, Both master


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Hey everyone,

I received admissions from both UCSD and Columbia University. The track in UCSD is Intelligent Systems, Robotics and Control, no specific track in Columbia University and I can choose from all tracks it offers. Neither of them grant me scholarships but I think I can somehow pay for the tuition so it isn't very concerning to me about the difference in tuition fees.

Here is what I think:

1 I want to find a job after I get a master degree and am not likely to study further for a PhD. So I need somewhere full of job opportunities. It seems both satisfy this but UCSD may be a little better since it lies in CA.

2 I am not so interested in Computer Science but I've heard UCSD is better in CS than EE. Anyway it doesn't confuse me a lot:)

3 In terms of their rankings, Columbia ranks 14(tied) and UCSD seems to rank 17 in EE field(US NEWS 2016) so in ranking they looks almost the same. But I read some topics in the forum and some think UCSD is now better than Columbia in EE. But another thing is Colombia is Ivy and ranks top 5 universities in US, I mean, considering the whole university, not only ECE while UCSD ranks only 30 or 35..I can't remember exactly..It confuse me if I should consider rankings in EE field only or both.

4 The weather in CA should be better than in NYC:) I live in Boston and it kills me when winter comes...Anyway it isn't the priority problem..

5 I am a foreigner in US and may not get a visa to continue working in US(God bless your Mr.President:)) I'm still searching for information about from which university the graduates are likely to get a H1B visa..

6 Could anyone from UCSD ISRC track tell me if it is a good track in UCSD? I like it very much but I don't know if it is good in UCSD :) I know UCSD is famous for its Analog Circuits. But I don't heard about how it is in Control and related fields.


Any insights is much appreciated! Thank you guys:)

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