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PhD without funding?


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Hello all,

I have been admitted into Computer Science PhD program at ASU but surprisingly got no funding for the first year. Should I try to contact with professors for a research assistantship position? If I should, how should I do it? 

Thanks in advance.

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If there is no visit weekend (or if you are unable to make it), send professors you are interested in an email about possible RA positions. You should email the department about TA positions as well. When you said no funding for the first year, did your acceptance say without funding? Funding information may come later if not, probably another question for the department though. 

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HI, I have also received the admit letter with no words about the research funding. I contacted 2 students who have also been admitted to the ASU and it turns out that none of them received any information about funding. So I believe it is natural the acceptance sent from the graduate school said nothing about the Ph.D. stipend. More info about the RA&TA may come later. (or maybe all of us are admitted with no funding....LOL)

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