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I need advice !!


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I applied back in November to Colorado State's MSW program. I got an email from in January from the assistant director that they reviewed my application and I need to update my resume to how they want it. A few days after that email I saw that people started receiving acceptances. He messaged me right after then to say that he received the update. I waited a few weeks got accepted to Fordham University which needs a decision if I want to attend or not by March 1st.  After getting this news I decided to call and ask about the time frame Colorado State expected all decisions to be made. The assistant program director called me back and told me I should know by March 1st and that they were running ahead of schedule with decisions this year (usually it is until March 15th). It is now a day away and I still have not heard anything. I called the general admissions desk to see if a decision has been made and mailed out and they told me I am still under review. At this point I am reaching the end of Colorado States notification deadline and have still heard nothing. Should I just count myself out of the running? 

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Well in that case, it's certainly not over until its over.

I work in customer service, so I often expect everyone knows "Underpromise, over deliver" but I wouldn't even call until Friday. From what it sounds like to me, they're running early = March 1st, not running early = before March 1st.

If you don't end up at CSU- they have a fellowship program too after you graduate.

I'm a colorado native, but I've never been to Fort Collins. Best of luck!

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