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statement of purpose for ms in construction management

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During my bachelor’s, I realized subjects like project management, cost & estimation enticed my interests of building a construction firm in future. Since I was more interested in finding the solution of problems prevailing in construction industry. I took the subject of Failure Criteria in structures which focused on the modes of failure due to design inefficiency. These theories became more clear when I learnt about project management in next semester. I also completed OSHA training courses to get accustomed with the general safety measures to be taken while working on a site, which I used later while working as a junior engineer.

To put my knowledge into practice, I took a research based project on Wood Plastic Composites. There I learnt about the aspects of quality control while manufacturing wpc for different purposes and inspected its durability as compared to wood by different tests such as Water Soaking and Terrestrial Microcosm Test. I also compared the initial cost, residual cost, maintenance cost of wood used in our campus to the same amount of wpc to prove cost efficiency of wpc which honed my estimation skills on actual scenarios. On concluding, I found out wpc is comparatively better than wood wrt to whole life cost and life expectancy.

Working in the direction further, I interned at two different firms where I worked on the basement of a residential and a multi storey building. Impressed by my dedication, my internship was converted to a job where I have been working as a Junior Engineer in Ansh Nirmaan Pvt Ltd. My roles are to prepare BOQs for contractors, inspect the site engineers and workers for compliance of safety requirements, supervise the quality of materials used, analyze contractual risks and interact with operational groups to ensure coordination between project activities. There was an incident where the work was put on suspension for few months because of an ambiguous clause in the contract. Moreover sometimes project got delayed due to unpredictable weather which is a global issue in the construction industry. However, after having worked here for 9 months now, I discover the major problems in the construction process to be the  improper contract management, disobediency of safety measures and other unpredictable issues, or in a nutshell, different aspects of risk management.

Northern India, from where I belong, is known for its fluctuating climate which takes a toll on any project. So, my research interests lies on quantifying and analyzing the different unpredictable climatic risks by improvising the methods of stochastic simulation and tackling the contractual risk by finding a method to assign it to those who in best position to control them. This will help measuring the probability of completion within specified time. I would also like to research and improve the existing life cycle cost estimation technique which I have used during my bachelor research, by involving the different unaccounted factors. I believe that with relevant major focus of the course at tamu, I would be able to pitch in this direction.


please review my sop it is for ms in construction management 

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