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Seattle vs Houston


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While I have not spent much time in Houston, I have found Seattle to be unwelcoming. Even though most people are not natives, they are not very open to outsiders. I really wanted to love Seattle, and I've been there many times, but I wouldn't chose to live there. 

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Well, ive been to texas but not Houston- i did not like texas. When they say 'dont mess w texas' they really mean it. Seattle i have been to, and i found it beautiful! Buti was there one day so i cant really say other than that! But i do hear mixed feelings from people, some day its too good for its britches. Some say its isolated and likes to remain happy in its little isolated bubble. Lol. My profssay they love it and that people are intelligent! 


I am thinking about movIng to seattle for gradschool, but im not 100% certain. 


So i probably didnt help much! 

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If you would like to decide based on the cities attractiveness, I have been in both cities close enough to hint you some information. To my mind, the only drawback to Houston is its hot and extreme humid weather on most of its summer days--from mid-June until late-September. On the other hand, Seattle has mild and beautiful days during summer.   

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I'm a Seattle native who spent all 4 years of undergrad in Houston, and I genuinely love both cities. 

On 3/4/2017 at 3:17 PM, Causofit said:

Some say its isolated and likes to remain happy in its little isolated bubble.

This is pretty much true, which sorta answers AuntieGrandma's concerns. We're pretty protective of our little enclave, which sorta manifests itself in coldness toward tourists. Once you begin to understand and live within the culture, though, you'll make some great relationships with people. Houston is a little more open from the start (maybe it's that southern hospitality thing) and more culturally diverse, though it has less of a concentrated "urban" feel because of the sprawl.

Weather is probably the biggest difference... Houston is incredibly humid and wasn't livable until AC came to town. Winters don't really get below 40. Seattle rain is a little overhyped but definitely there as a constant drizzle from fall to late spring, but the summers are perfect. If you're outdoorsy, Seattle is the better option, since you have to drive about 2 hours just to get beyond the city limits in Houston.

Pricewise, Houston is the cheapest big city in the US, while Seattle is rapidly rising in prices. There are a lot of amenities and lifestyle perks that come with that price, but some people find the adjustment difficult.

Overall, both cities are great, have amazing people, amazing food, and enough stuff to do to keep you occupied for a lifetime. Neither should really be a dealbreaker in terms of your choice.

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I grew up outside of Houston--never lived in the city, but visited often. I did my Master's in Seattle a few years ago.

To echo what RolyPolyGoalie said, both cities have some real draws. Houston has much more limited options for outdoorsy activities (i.e. no mountains, little to hiking. it's pretty flat). That said, if you have a car, you can make it to the gulf of mexico fairly quickly...which is kinda 'meh' for beaches in my opinion. That said I went there often as a kid, and had a great time.

Houston does have a great arts scene--fantastic museums, good concerts, and excellent symphony, theater, and art shows around the city. While I never did live there, it seemed like that aspect of it would be nice. Food in Houston is also great.

I really liked Seattle when I lived there, and I've actually decided to go back there for a PhD. That's partially for the program, and definitely partially due to how much I enjoyed the city. It can be a little hard to make friends at first, but it's really a lovely place.

Happy to answer any more specific questions if you have them.


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