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Temporary study in another institution?


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As fuzzylogician said, whether this is possible and practical depends on the policies at each institution. 

A few things to keep in mind:

- Usually your home institution is the one paying you and you would hopefully be able to go on some special student status at your home institution to allow you to be paid while not physically present (at my school, this is called "detached duty" and requires special permission from a few people).

- Since your home institution is paying you, if you are spending a long time at the visiting institution, you might run into issues if the cost of living of the areas are very different. For example, your stipend at your home institution might be $25k/year and that might be more than enough where you are living now, but that won't go very far if you visit New York City or some other expensive place!

- If you are visiting for a short time, you might have to end up paying double rent to keep your old apartment and also have a new place to live.

- To offset costs, many people will sublet their apartment (if allowed) while they are away. Some schools or organizations may also offer small grants to help with these extra costs for visiting students.

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