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African studies VS african american studies


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which one do you think more popular among students? African studies that deals with the african continent and diaspora vs. Afr American studies that deals with african americans in the states and in diaspora. Africana studies program at Cornell asks you what you want to specialize in between the two. Would my choice matter alot?? Would they put the proportion of he number of students of each area into their consideration?

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I have no idea which one is more popular but I would suggest choosing your area of concentration based on your research interest. I think choosing a discipline based on popularity or lesser competitiveness is not the best move. If you're not seriously interested and/or passionate about your research this will show in your application. I think there are clear intersections between the two but choose they one in which you will base most of your work.

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yea I chose African studies between african sudies and african american studies only because I am very much interested in the field and extremely passionate about it. So I dont blame myself for that. But, now that the deadline has passed and the notification date can be literally any day since the deadline date, I am kinda being pessimistic on my admission thus trying to hear some "comforting" stories.... haha.... cuz I personally have seen alot of friends & people going into african american studies but few going into african studies. just wanted to hear other people's opinion. ah im being so weak now. so worried.. nervous sad.gif thanks for your advice anyways! smile.gif

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