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I will be attending NYU School of Professional Studies this fall for Ms Integrated Marketing. I am stuck with the whole accommodation issue, I am not quite sure where to stay, what areas are safe, etc. Do you guys know of any particular places/apartments/neighbourhoods that most SPS kids stay in? It'll be extremely helpful!! 

I hope to get a few suggestions, in desperate need to book a place soon! 
I'm from India, and did my bachelors from the UK. The accommodation scene there is so much different than that of the States, and I really would appreciate someone helping me out! Thanks in advance! 

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Hey, I also got accepted into NYU SPS! Congrats! I've lived in NYC for 16 years so I can tell you what neighborhoods to look into. Staying at NYU dorms is really expensive, so is finding an apartment near campus. The SPS school is down by City Hall and Tribeca which are really expensive neighborhoods. I would look into staying in Harlem and taking the train down, or Brooklyn, as the train ride should be really short and the prices should be way more reasonable. I live in Astoria, Queens which is a really fun and safe neighborhood only 40 minutes away. I also work a block away from SPS so I know the neighborhood pretty well. 

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