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Canceling Interviews?


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I got interviews at 7 programs, have been to 3, and frankly it's exhausting. I'm considering canceling 2 of the "lesser" programs on my list since I've already been to 2 I LOVED and have 2 others that are really top schools.

Is it ethical to cancel? One interview is in 1.5 wks, the other in 2.5 wks.

Also, I work, so having the extra time in lab would also be a perk of canceling.

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It's absolutely ethical to cancel. In fact, if you interview at a school you KNOW you won't go to, you're just wasting their time and money (assuming it's on their dime). You might feel bad turning down professors you've built some semblance of a relationship with (e-mails, SOP mentions) but it's not really in anyone's interest for you to go out of some weird sense of obligation.

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It's def. okay to cancel an interview, just be honest and tell them that you've decided on X school and don't want to take up a space that another willing candidate could use. I did this a few years ago and everything was fine, I actually was asked in both situations to critique the program and why I choose another place over it. I think they used that info to relay onto higher powers, as in both cases crappy funding was a big issue.

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