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PhD UIUC Social Work or Human Development UGA


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Hi everyone! I am an international student and have gotten accepted into some Ph.D programs. However, I am really agnozing over two programs, one of which is PhD in Social Work at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and Human Development and Family Science at University of Georgia. I have lost a lot of sleep just trying to decide which one I should go because both of them are good programs. I have tried to search information about different programs online, but a lot of information I found are in the STEM field. I am little bit desperated because I need to make the decision soon..

Just a little background information about myself. I gradutated from a top MSW program in Chicago and worked as an intern and later as a school social worker for about a year. My interest is in adolescent development across different contexts, school social work ..

Some info about the offer:

the PhD program in social work at UIUC offered regular assistantship (20hr/week for 4 years. I have talked to a current student, the director, and the professor who I am interested in working with and All of them are super nice and supportive. The assitant professor has a lot of experience in school social work and youth development.

the PhD program in Human Development and Family Science at University of Georgia offered me the Presidential Graduate Fellowship (guaranteed for 5 years with 13hr/week assistanship). And the director, who I am interested in working with is also really influential in the field. She also does a lot of work for youth and schools.

I am really torn. I would love to stay in Illinois as I have lived there for three years. UIUC is close to Chicago. I love social work. Many of my friends are there. It would be easier for me to adjust again.

However, Human Development and Family Science is also a very intriguing field that I want to study. And the Presidential Graduate Assistanship is not easy to get. I really considere myself lucky.

So I am just wondering if there are any fellows out there who are also applying for Ph.D in social work or human development or just any programs? I would love to hear any advice or experience in terms of choosing a ph.d offer! Thank you so much!!!!

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