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Reapplying as a non CSD major


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Hey everyone! I know I've posted something along these lines before, but I'm trying to get ready for the next application cycle for audiology and I really want to have better chances of admission because it's something I really want to do! 

So I was wondering if it's possible to get into an AuD program if you're not a CSD major. A majority of the people I've talked to that are in audiology school or are audiologists have majored in CSD and have above 3.6 GPAs. But for me, it would be too expensive to go back to college to get a second degree. I have a degree in chemistry, which covers most of the non CSD pre-reqs for audiology school. However, my GPA is too low (around 3.1). 

I was thinking of taking two classes related to audiology such as Intro to Audiology and ASL both online. Would that be recommended? 

As for experience, I'm trying to shadow more and maybe volunteer for a couple months in either a hospital or a clinic as well as attend conferences.

I just don't to apply again only to get rejected for the second time, that would be absolutely heartbreaking:( If anyone has been admitted to audiology school that majored in something else, PLEASE feel free to share your journey to audiology school and any advice! I really need it! lol 

Thanks everyone!:) 

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I was a non-major and got in! And though I shadowed a few different audiologists, it was pretty informal so I didn't put any hours down on my application. IMO it seems that the programs I was looking at were actually interested in out-of-field applicants. I'd say taking Intro to Audiology is a really good idea and would show your interest and commitment to the field. I'm surprised that wasn't actually a prereq for the programs you applied to? I had to take Intro to Audiology, Anatomy & Physiology of the Ear, Language Development, and Phonetics before I could apply for a couple of my top programs. I would recommend anatomy of the ear over ASL, even though ASL is more fun. I've found that audiologists work more with people using other foreign spoken languages, like spanish & arabic than with ASL users, so it's not entirely useful. Good to know, but anatomy has been part of almost every class I've taken so far in my program, and it would show that you are really serious about audiology and the ear!!

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Hi Sparks101!

Just thought I'd share a little bit of my story with you. First off, yes it is entirely possibly to get in without an CSD background. I got accepted to every school I applied to, and I only applied to 3 programs. My degree is a bachelors of honours science- health science major from a Canadian University. It is really important to research and even visit the schools you are really interested in applying to. I found just by visiting the programs which ones valued students with diverse educational backgrounds. It was very easy to tell which schools did not, and these schools did tend to require a long list of prerequisite coursework prior to enrolment ( this eliminated me from applying to most programs). However, I did feel I was at quite a disadvantage when applying having come from a non CSD background, so I did take courses in Hearing Anatomy, Speech & Hearing Sciences, Normal Language Development, and Intro to Aud; although these were not required (only recommended) by the schools I applied to, it does show genuine interest in the field and will only better prepare you. So I encourage you to show them you are willing to take initiative by enrolling in some of these courses. I also did a six month observership with an audiologist, and have been volunteering in the physiotherapy and emergency department at my local hospital for years; amongst many other volunteering positions during my undergrad. 

I also did not have the most competitive GPA, however the schools I spoke to before applying did say that they evaluate different degrees differently/separately from CSD degree holders and being as I am from Canada, my GPA is also weighted differently. I truly believe you can overcome a lower GPA or GRE score in your interview, if you can explain not only your passion for the field but also explain to the committee why your degree makes you qualified/ better candidate. I was able to relate my education in science/health to my personal experiences (observership/hospitals/family hearing loss) to show that I am just as qualified to succeed in an AuD program as an CSD student ( I also made sure to go into every interview extremely prepared, I did extensive research on each program+ their faculty/staff; also be sure to ask lots of questions and really make them aware that you're interested in their program). If a program has previously had good experience accepting students from different majors this will also be in your favour, as it was for me. I was told by a few faculty that students with my degree have been very successful!

I definitely encourage you to apply again. I did not think I had much of chance at all when applying this year, and ended up pleasantly surprised :)
Best of Luck !! 

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