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Guidance, please: Choosing based on TA service requirement/ financial and research support?


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Hi there,

I could use some perspective on choosing a program from those already undertaking a phd. I've narrowed down my choices to two schools (history programs). Both are well regarded with strong faculty and in livable areas. I think much of this decision is going to come down to student financial and research support, so here are the basics:

School A: State university fellowship for 28k/ 5 yrs guaranteed, with three years of service. Fellowship would give me a lift in the graduate school but additional travel/ research funding harder to come by and large class sizes. Excellent access to relevant archives and nearby major cities.

School B: Private university fellowship 26k/ 5 yrs guaranteed, with two years of service (fairly standard package). Abundant departmental and graduate school support for travel and research and smaller class sizes.  In a city but somewhat remote otherwise and far from relevant archives. 

I think both are great offers, and I could be successful in either place. However, any outside perspective on how to weigh these factors would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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