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Biostats or Epi

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Hi all!!

New here... and I wanted opinions from others outside of my adviser.  I am working through my MPH in epi and dislike it!!  I find myself more drawn to biostats than epi.  I have done well in the two biostats classes I have taken (currently in intermediate).  I find myself much more excited to do biostats assignments than epi assignments.  However, this is only my second semester, and I am only half way through my intermediate biostats course.  I wanted to get opinions on what people think of epi vs. biostats.

I will say I am weak in some areas of mathematics like proofs and probability.  I understand the general idea that goes into stats and probability, but I haven't worked with probability that much.  I can spend hours on my HW, though, looking through things and trying to gain footing in understanding it and other problems.  I like the order and procedure that go into it.  I am sooooo excited when I figure something out regarding it.  I just don't think some HW assignments and excitement are necessarily worth changing majors.  What do you guys think?  It's a crazy idea for me because math didn't make much sense to me until recently!!  Then it all sort of clicked.  I am from a psych background and this is my 4th or 5th stats class overall.  


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I am in Biostatistics field..If you have passion for observing trends as you mention above..you will enjoy it. Biostatistiscs is not only probability/proofs. There are many other things which is very statistically oriented (e.g, regression, GLM, Bayseian modeling etc). It is more related to stats you learn in Psychology.

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