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M.A. in Curriculum & Teaching at TC vs M.S.E.d. in Teaching, Learning and Leadership at Penn GSE


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Hi all, I'm facing a dilemma and will be really grateful if any of you can provide me with some information to make my decision easier. I've gotten into the Curriculum & Teaching program at TC and the Teaching, Learning and Leadership program at Penn GSE for a Masters, and I have to select one of the offers to submit to a govt-funded scholarship (i'm an international student). 

I know that TC is considered more prestigious internationally but that isn't something I attribute too much value to, especially since both schools meet that minimum threshold of name recognition I would want. The TC thread in this forum from two years ago has several people saying that some departments tend to be diploma mills that are basically cash cows for the university (http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/61468-teachers-college-2015/) with TAs teaching a lot of the courses, while others provide a much more satisfactory experience with classes taught by professors at the cutting edge of their fields. Can any current students or recent grads provide a perspective about the C&T Masters program and where it falls along this spectrum?

I like the fact that the Penn program includes a year long off-campus internship with the placement based on the students' interest and experiences as I feel that'll be a great skills development opportunity, but I'm slightly concerned that the program will be very focused on the American context (i know that inevitably all US programs besides international policy will be American-centric, I just meant relative to the TC program). Will love to hear some more info about the program.

I'll most likely come back immediately to my home country after finishing my Masters, and may apply in a few years' time for a 2nd Masters or a PhD, so one big consideration is the extent to which each program allows students to develop close ties with professors who can then go on to write decent letters of recommendation for a future application. Any insights about the the level of collaboration and contact between the faculty members and Masters students in each program?

Any help at all will be really appreciated! 


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Heyy!! I'm so glad I found this thread! So I am in the same position as you. I have applied for the same programs and I can't decide which one to go for! Have you decided on which one you're going for? Would love to talk to you on this topic! 

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