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UPenn post bac request


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So, I am an alum of the UPenn post bac in classical languages from 2008.  The year that I did the program we didn't receive any kind of physical certificate (I believe they began doling them out around 2010?).  I contacted Julie and, unfortunately, Penn can't issue them for grads of the program prior to when they began issuing the paper certificate.  No big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it does leave one a little frustrated to not have something framed on the wall along with BA, MA, and (in a few months) a PhD.  I mean, it was a considerable amount of (out of pocket) money for the Classics Post Bac, and a great deal of time and work to have, at the end of the day, no sort of commemorative marker of it all.


Anyway, what I am wondering is: can someone who has recently (post-2010) completed the UPenn Post Bac in classics post a photo of the certificate?  I am just curious at this stage what exactly it looks like--if for nothing else to see what I missed out on.  No need for a high-quality scan or anything, just a casual shot is fine.  ...I guess I'm hoping that it isn't that impressive looking as I have it built up in my mind.  I know this is odd, but for whatever reason it's been an issue that's been bothering me lately, probably increased by the fact that while my final-stage dissertation is out in the hands of my five advisors I have 3-4 weeks to (suddenly) have nothing to do before the defense.


Feel free to PM me if you'd rather not reply publicly.


Thanks in advance.

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