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F'17 Immuno programs


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Hi guys,

I'm applying to immunology phd programs this fall and just have no clue if I'm reaching too high with some of these...if anyone could look at my stats compared to the programs I'm interested in, that would be amazing! I'm just trying to be realistic with my options

I'm graduating in three years from a large "public ivy" with an R2 designation with a B.S. in Integrative Neuroscience & Biochemistry...my undergrad GPA should be about a 3.7 when I graduate. My GRE scores are 167 V/152 Q/5.0 W and I'll have five semesters of research (1.5 years biomed chem cell culture work and 1 year neuroscience animal work). I'm also very close with three of my recommenders and will possibly have a fourth. 

The programs I'm looking at are:

Rockefeller University (my absolute dream school although I doubt I'll get in)

Icahn at Mt. Sinai

Sackler at NYU

SUNY Upstate

Weill Cornell

Harvard (still not too sure about this one)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as well as any suggestions for other programs anyone thinks might match my stats better! Thanks!!

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