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need advice: which phd program to choose (applied math or stats)?

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I'm deciding between the following PhD programs:

1. Northwestern ESAM (applied math in engineering school)
2. Wisconsin statistics (and biostatistics...although a professor mentioned to just stick with statistics since statistics can do biostatistics but it's more difficult to go the other way...agree?)
3. Boston University statistics (can switch to math since it's one department)

In terms of research fit, I'm comfortable at all three. So my most important consideration is then future academic job placement. My goal is to become a professor (either research or teaching). Given all this, how would you rank these programs? In other words, which program sets me up for the most success for academic job placement?

To me, it seems like a toss-up between Northwestern and Wisconsin (BU lower ranked?). The intuition I've gathered so far indicates: a PhD in statistics has marginally better job opportunities (both in academia and industry) and Wisconsin is a top 10 program. However, Northwestern ESAM is also top 10 applied math program and its national prestige as a university may be "worth more".

I appreciate any and all advice/comments on the above. I will be visiting all three and realize personal fit with advisors and department in general will be an important consideration. But I really want to discuss the "apriori" ranking in terms of academic job placement success.

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