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POI is switching schools?

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Hi all,

So I was accepted into a PhD program (offered a 5 year RA), visited the school a few weeks ago, and emailed my acceptance to the POI yesterday. The POI then immediately asked me to call him as soon as possible and explained that he was considering accepting a job offer in New Zealand. He said my offer/project would be carried over to this new school and he is extremely sorry for not mentioning this when I visited (he applied months ago and only heard back 2 weeks ago). He also mentioned that he wouldn't accept the offer, if I wasn't okay with it (which put me in a really uncomfortable spot). Also profs at my current school said it is highly unlikely that he would still be able to carry over the NSF project/funding I was offered to New Zealand. 

I already sent out my rejection emails to my other offers (I know, I messed up)... And I'm okay with New Zealand (if I'm funded), however this whole situation kind of rubs me the wrong way (as in why didn't he mention this previously? and why throw in the "fate of my career is up to you" bit?).

So I guess my question is is this a common thing? I'm not sure if I really want to work with him now because this seems a little dishonest to me but I'm also not sure if I'm just being too sensitive and this sort of thing is normal. And also what can I do now if I resend my acceptance?

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I assume he didn't mention it to you because it wasn't something he could share with you at that point. As an academic, he needs to make decisions about his career and negotiate an offer, formally accept it, and inform his current/old employer before it makes any sense to tell a prospective student. At this level, some people don't make it known that they've applied, let alone been offered a position, before they make a decision to move; there is a lot of politics involved, and you're not going to share that with someone you've never met. Yes, this obviously affects students, but this is how it's done. I think he's being very nice to inform you as soon as he could and to give you options (though I think it's unfair to put the decision on you, but that's a different story). I do agree with your current profs that it's not clear that he could take NSF funding with him to NZ; but if he's willing to make arrangements to bring you over and fund you, and that sounds good to you, that's probably a good deal. This person sounds like a good advisor, from what you've described here.

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