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thesis based master useful to get a job?


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I don't have tons of experience in CS. But I programmed before with Java and Python. I'm planning to study CS master degree (thesis based in Canada). Is it very likely to get a job after that? Or it is not true because the thesis based master program doesn't offer too much experience in programming by itself. So in this case, I really have to program by myself a lot, in order to get a CS job after master's degree?

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I don't know about you, but the thesis I just defended required more code than I wrote for any course projects during my MS courses and undergrad. 

If you don't have any industry experience I would try to line up an internship during your masters or the summer after you graduate. But even if you don't find one, getting your MS puts you on the "recent grads" category of jobs which rarely requires experience and instead, you will just need the skillset they want (Java, docker, etc) and your interviews will be more code and whiteboard based than experience based.


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