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Might have to switch majors...



I've recently been accepted into my top Ph.D. program, and the only thing that stands between me and officially being a graduate student is obtaining my degree this May. When I filled out my application, I had listed my major and the expected date of degree conferral at the time, which might have to change. One class is standing between my degree and I, and it looks like there is a chance that I'm going to have to take it over the summer. It would be completed by the time that I have to have my transcripts sent in, but it still worries me. I suppose that my question is: How bad would it look if I graduated on time, but had to switch majors to something very closely related, or if I graduated a month later than expected with the degree that I initially listed? Do you think that my offer could be rescinded over something as minor as switching degrees that vary by one class, or graduating a little late?

EDIT: The only reason that I ask is because it was explicitly noted that any substantial differences between the transcripts that I originally sent them and the official post-gradaution transcript could be a reason for offer revocation. In reality, the only things that would change is the name of my degree or the official date of degree conferral. I don't know if that counts or not.

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