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I keep hearing from many people that grad school is A LOT of work. At one school I've been offered a part time (10 hour) GA position in the department and another part time in a separate but related dept. My question is should I accept just one because of the work load in grad school? Or could I maintain my sanity while working both for a total of 20 hours a week?  

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My program advises one GA position for 10 hours/week as a maximum because of the workload from classes and clinic. Personally I think you should just accept one. You are in graduate school to learn about how to be a good clinician, accepting two positions, especially one outside the department, means less focus on the main reason you are there in the first place. I'm in the middle of my second semester of my first year and I cannot imagine doing 20/hours either this or last semester. Plus, you also want to leave yourself time to study, relax, and do fun things with classmates, otherwise you'll get burned out really quickly. Hope this helps! 

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