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Program Evaluation 2017


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Hey all, 

The purpose of this thread is to give a brief evaluation of the program(s) and surrounding area(s) that you visited during any interviews this past application season. The aim is to assist future applicants in making a more informed decision on which programs to apply to. I've included a list of items to elaborate on below. Feel free to rate the bullet point items with the provided rating scale and include a rationale if you feel that it is necessary. Please also include any additional information or tips that you feel would be useful for others to know. 

5 = Very Satisfactory; 4 = Satisfactory; 3 = Neither Satisfactory nor Dissatisfactory; 2 = Dissatisfactory; 1 = Very Dissatisfactory

Name of institution: 

  • Faculty:
  • Facilities: 
  • Funding: 
  • Cost of living: 
  • Surrounding location: 
  • Comments: 
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