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CS at Toronto or Waterloo? Last minute decision, HELP!

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I've been admitted to M.Sc. in Computer Science in University of Toronto and UWaterloo. I have to decide very soon.

The financial packages are almost the same (31,600$ Toronto, 30,200$ Waterloo), but since the tuition fees are less in UoT (I guess because they do not have a compulsory summer semester), I receive 3,000$ more in UoT (when subtracting the tuition fees).

I have many friends in both universities, but the more I talk to them, the harder it is to make my decision.

For me, the most important factor is "reputation" of university, both in the field of CS, and in general. I mean that when I am going to apply for a job after being graduated, or to apply for a PHD in another university, a MS degree from which of these universities helps me more?

Also which will give me more chance for getting a Canada visa?

By the way, I have also been admitted to UBC, and UC Irvine. If possible, please tell me how these two compare to the mentioned universities (UW and UoT).

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