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Biology or Business? I need help!



So here is my situation.

I am currently finishing my 1st year of my MS in Biology. I am a research assistant and next academic year I will be a teaching assistant. This means my entire MS is virtually 100% funded. My wife and I had twins 4 weeks ago and we are currently 5-6 hours away from our family.

I have applied, and been accepted, into a few MBA programs recently. This would allow us to move back closer to home, allow me to work full time, and get my MBA degree.

Anyone ever been put in this situation of having to decide between fields and such? If so, how did you handle it? Any and all input and advice is welcome!

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If I am getting your point correctly, I want to share my experience with you. Last month I am also confused for my future. But now I am fully satisfied with my decision. Currently I am doing BS in Biological Science from Southern California University of Health Sciences. There are provide multiple courses, you can also check for your future point of you.

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