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Looking for a Boston Roommate


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Hey, I recently committed to Tufts Sackler School for Graduate Biomedical Sciences in Boston, MA. As an undergrad in Baltimore, MD I have little exposure to the city of Boston and have no real connections to anyone living there. I'm looking to connect with some people that will be in Boston for grad school. I'm hoping to find a possible roommate(s) for the upcoming school year. Please respond below if you'll be moving to Boston in the fall or are in Boston and are looking for a roommate. Looking forward to connecting with you guys!

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Hi, I'll be starting my PhD in a chemistry field in the fall in Boston University

If you're currently looking for a place/roommate, feel free to contact me. I've already gotten some general advice.

I'm not sure how far it is from Tufts Sackler School to Boston University, but at least we can share some experience together.

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Hi there! I'm also moving to Boston in August to start at MIT. Already have housing squared but here if you have any questions or want a pal once you've arrived! :) 

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