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Should I keep waiting or send an email?


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I applied to a graduate school with rolling admissions about a week ago. When I interviewed with the dean of admissions, he told me that they have a very quick process of applicant decisions. He said that if an application was fully submitted on a Monday morning, then that student would get a decision by Wednesday.

My application was fully submitted last friday, and I got an email from him confirming that it was submitted. It has now been a full week. I know that a week is not a long wait for a graduate school acceptance decision, but it has already been 3 days longer than he said.

At what point should I email him, and what can I say without sounding pushy?


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I definitely would not email them at this point. I applied to many schools with rolling admissions and it took them months to respond. The university you're applying to is not very late at this point and the department is almost certainly swamped with applications. I'd say if you don't hear anything by the end of the month to send them an email, but I wouldn't freak out just yet. Best of luck!

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