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sciences po/SIPA vs. Emory MDP vs. Korbel vs. IHEID vs Heller


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I have a little over a week to make a decision! 


I've been accepted to 3 US programs with around the same scholarship (50%), same cost for tuition. UDenver's MA in International Development, Heller's MA in Sustainable International Development, and Emory's Masters of Development Practice. I've also been accepted to IHEID (the graduate institute in Geneva) for Development Studies and a dual program between Sciences Po and Columbia's SIPA for International Affairs. These will be comparable costs. 

I'm essentially still considering Korbel, Emory, and Sciences Po/SIPA, and they are radically different. Any suggestions would be great!

Korbel-- Pros-- as a top IR program, good networking, top research, exchange program with the graduate institute in Geneva so that I could network there and intern, DENVER. Cons-- no field work opportunities

Emory-- pros-- new MDP program that hits all the quantitative and qualitative skills I want to learn for program management and research, small cohort 15 people, summer internships with international NGOs included in program (travel, Per dieu, etc), more critical philosophy of development. Cons-- not an IR renowned university, lack of networking opportunities

Sciences Po/Columbia SIPA-- Paris and NY, French and networking advantages, both top IR programs in the world, focus on econ/politics, sciences po excellent African studies classes, can understand Jeff Sachs development to hopefully critique later. Cons-- mainstream development, cohorts that are only interested in moving up with UN/WHO instead of critical development theory 

I would ideally like to be a program manager for an international NGO, but also have significant data analysis skills to do research in the future for public policy and maybe a PhD. I'm going back and forth every day-- any thoughts from students in a similar position or in the development field would be so helpful! 



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