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Going to New York Medical College??

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Proximity to my home; I am a career changer and not in a position to relocate my household for grad school. The commute to NYMC is about 50 minutes, vs. 1 hour and 45 minutes to the other program I was accepted to.

Cost; it's $20k+ in tuition less than the other program that I was accepted to thus far. 

Medical experiences; I am not interested in working in a public school setting. I am going to pursue my TSSLD at NYMC so that I am prepared for any work environment after graduation (and because I'd need it anyway to work as an SLP at the agency at which I am currently employed), but realistically I have no interest in working with typically developing school aged kids. I currently work with nine SLPs and several of them do per-diem work at local hospitals and SNF/rehabs, and they advised that if you have some experience in the healthcare setting, there are a ton of opportunities in my area to earn more money by doing per-diem or part time work. 

I also like that I was accepted 48 hours after interviewing, emailed them late on Friday evening to notify them that I had paid my deposit (per their instructions after depositing), they replied at 8pm on a Friday night to welcome me into the program. And now, four business days later, I have my email address set up, financial aid application done, medical paperwork for my immunizations/records, and online access to the portal/etc. established. I like their efficiency :) 

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